Congratulations to our Team!

Zone Active is pleased to announce the amazing results of our first ever Tumble & Trampoline Competition in Gosford.

Our Team of 20 athletes all performed their very best at the various levels entered. Congratulations on your participation in the NSW Grand Prix 2.

1st Place Level 1 Tumble – Andrey Martynov
2nd Place Level 1 Tumble – Louise Parker
3rd Place Level 1 Tumble – Poppy Ratcliff & Jenna Morris
3rd Place Level 2 Tumble – Olivia Hasson

1st Place Level 2 Trampoline – Andrey Martynov
2nd Place Level 2 Trampoline – Kyra Martynov

Zone Active Competition Team

Kyra Martynov
Lexi Schumacher
Mindi Morris
Olivia Hasson
Miller Stringer
Louise Parker
Kara Beaumont
Teagan McFarlane
Jenna Morris
Tjarla Morris
Lily Henson
Poppy McGrath
Lani Chirva
Brooke Chirva
Jessica Canham
Finlay Begley
Poppy Ratcliffe
Cheyenne Como
Patrick Mc Grath
Andrey Martynov

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