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Revitalize Yourself With YOGA

Experience the best health maintenance system the world has ever known.

Yoga is for everybody, regardless of age, shape, level of flexibility or fitness.

Learn how to Increase energy, Reduce stress Relax and renew, Re-spark your zest for life!

Hot Yoga

Step into a Hot Yoga room this Winter at Zone Active and let the luxurious warmth embrace you, it’s similar to the comfort you feel when you are standing outside on a warm sunny day. Now just pause for a moment and Imagine that feeling.

While soaking up the warmth you can also detoxify your entire system in just 60minutes, leaving you completely renewed.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Fat burning and increased metabolism
  • Detoxification
  • Safe and easy stretching and opening of musculoskeletal structures
  • Improved spinal integrity and nervous system function
  • Deepter perfusion of blood into tissues and organs
  • Mental focus and discipline
  • Rapid healing from injury and disease

Hatha Yoga

Anyone can begin, no matter what shape you’re in! Yoga strengthens the body whilst calming the mind, increasing our mental clarity, aiding our concentration, and steadying our emotions, bringing with it the ability to be still!

A Hatha Yoga class consists of physical Yoga postures (asana) conscious and directed breathing (pranayama) and relaxation. Learn to balance your entire system with Yoga poses, which provide a complete body workout.

Learn to breathe using your entire lung capacity for renewed energy and complete relaxation. Learn to quieten your mind to create a space of peace and tranquillity within your own body. This is an essential technique used to lessen the effect of stress – a major killer in today’s society.

Dru Yoga

Dru Yoga is a very flowing and more gentle style of yoga, that suits every body – young, old, tense, sore or flexible.  It is perfect for people suffering stress, anxiety and depression or those who have had injuries or feel a bit tight and stiff as it lets the body release the tension and gradually develop more strength, balance and flexibility while restoring a sense of calm and inner peace. There is great power and strength in gentleness!

As we move through the class there is a focus on clearing the energy field around your body as well as really becoming aware of how you are feeling whilst you are doing the movements and breathing. It is mindfulness in action!

There is a long, calming relaxation at the end to allow your mind and body time to totally relax and integrate all the lovely healing energy you have created during the class.

Suzie Williams has been teaching Dru Yoga classes and retreats for over 12 years and has taught many different groups in high schools, corporate, psych units, people with disabilities, family carers and to the general public.

Many students have had wonderful results with improving sleep and concentration, relieving stress, anxiety, back and neck pain, reducing anger, sadness and frustration. Come and try a class to experience it for yourself!

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